Gift ideas for the Fitness Fanatics

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These new iPod nano's look so sweet!  I would say a shuffle but I like being able to see and control what song I want and what playlist I want.

I love these Gap Motion shirts.  The material is so soft and they have those awesome thumb holes!  I'm always that girl that has to buy shirts just a little too big so I can have them cover my wrists.  Yes, my arms are long but these take care of that!

This isn't any old towel.  This is a yoga towel.  Yeah, I'll admit it, my feet get sweaty.


 I've said it before and I'll say it again.  My toes get sooo cold in the winter so yoga socks are awesome.

Of course, every yogi would love a new yoga mat.

Um, round yoga mat? Yes please!!!

My hubs has been drooling over these ibeats.  They look pretty sweet!

And for those that need to hear their surroundings…the speaker.  I usually push my kids in my BOB stroller so I play my music on a speaker.  I've gone through so many cheap speakers that spending a bit more is worth it.

Need more ideas?  Check out Sarah's list from How My World Runs!

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