DIY Christmas card holder

I don't know about you but when I started getting Christmas cards I had no place to put them.  Of course once we had kids the amount of cards we received was exponentially larger.  So I needed to figure out somewhere to put them.

I got the idea from something I saw online and did it myself.  It's sooo simple.  My husband tells me ever year how great of an idea this is and that he loves the way it looks.

 photo 5BA22823-C55A-4629-B90D-CFBB0428646C_zpsj1qop1f3.jpg 

  • ribbon
  • tape
  • cabinets
Yeah, seriously that's it!  Simple measure the length of the cabinet with the ribbon and cut to fit.

 photo 2289D31C-02FB-4BB5-A73C-265432533E4F_zpslfasokox.jpg

Then, tape (yeah I know it's fancy) the ends on the back of each cabinet.  I attach my cards with little paperclips for added cuteness.

Easy peasy and added decoration!

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