Christmas wrapping made fun for kids

Don't mind the terrible pictures.  Yeah, trying to get pretty pictures of two littles and a daddy that just got off work isn't the easiest thing at 7 pm!  But I have to share my seemingly lame but amazing entertaining race track!

 photo A6539C32-4C89-4835-954B-DE5013C9B77A_zpsmoar8iz3.jpg

Seriously, who doesn't have like 50 million rolls of wrapping paper cardboard left over after wrapping presents?  Well, I had 4 so I simply cut each along the long side and folded the other side to create a "flat" track.  Then I taped the tubes together with some handy dandy duck tape.  Of course we had to end with a sweet ramp to help the cars "fly" so we rigged up a piece of wood on a stool.  Now, in order to get the cars rolling you need to start the first tube fairly hight up.  So I attached mine to the landing on our staircase with a paper clip and twisty tie.  Oh yes, very fancy, I know! 

 photo C1F1FEDA-A5C0-449C-B003-943977F87156_zpschc3v3t4.jpg

This has been up for 3 days and my 4 year old is still lining up cars to race!

 photo 931A414B-7257-4F69-A17C-24C769E99D95_zpsnv5c7cex.jpg

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