Big 2013 Finish

I'm currently loving all the iTunes album specials so I'm really musically inspired right now.  In wake of the new year I'm wrapping up this blogging year with some of my favorite things.

My favorite 2013 album:

My favorite new artist:

I'm kind of obsessed with Lorde right now.  I love her albums because they are so dynamically chill and the words are uniquely played.  Seriously, Royals is a good song but the rest of her tunes are awesome.


Get ready for something awesome next month.  Last year myself and some blogging friends had a January motivation #30dayhomies, this year we are doing a January Jumpstart.  We are going to have tons of workouts, giveaways, and tips for starting 2014 with a bang!

 photo jumpstart_zps693dfb65.jpg

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