10 ways to keep kids busy…indoors

I know those of you that live farther North are probably thinking that us Southerners complaining of the cold is ridiculous.  Well, we aren't used to our kids having to stay inside for days.  Personally I'm not very good at staying inside myself, much less my kids!

 photo 54153DB7-F9AF-46C2-A7D2-368BCDA15554_zpshusenze8.jpg

 photo 99C96537-12E8-4093-AB9B-A50D31DA1541_zps8fcz3ye6.jpg

 photo 29F0BF7D-E511-4CD7-B9AD-C86682995907_zpszkuw9w4p.jpg

So with that I've gathered a list of wintery ideas to keep kids entertained indoors, and no, I cannot promise they are not going to make a mess.

 photo indoorentertain_zps13ce13f7.jpg

Wintery Indoor Activities:

  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Make Gingerbread men - here's my recipe
  • Make Christmas cookies
 photo FFC0E073-E238-4769-A862-52F990F4387B_zpsxnpwjgpj.jpg
  • Clean, yes kids love to mop
 photo 254B0BCC-615B-479E-A568-2D1E2399361D_zps4yibwui0.jpg
  • play hide and seek
Most importantly, have fun and finish the day with a glass of wine…or 2…or 3.  Hehe!

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