Fitness Survey November Edition

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1. How do you stay on track during busy times? 

I have group classes so that really helps me have the "already in my schedule" workouts. I also just try to adapt to what the day brings, if my kids need to just get out side then I'll do lunges up and down the block with some sprints. During the holidays when I'm out of town I try to fit in at least 1 run and not pressure myself about working out.  

2.  What have you done to make your favorite holiday recipes healthy? 

Not much. I just try to snack and always fit some salad on my plate.

3.  Will you run a Turkey Trot this year? 

I would love to but being out of town and we do enough driving over the holidays that I usually just skip the Turkey Day runs.

4.  Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider? Because Coffee is a given!

Hot Chocolate FOR SURE! I love making homemade…my hubs and kids do too!

5.  What is your best race times?

4:12 marathon
1:48 half marathon
23:30 5k

6.  What is your favorite race you’ve ever done?

My tri's. They were so challenging but not so long that I was bored.

7. Have you ever run a race in a costume? (Post a picture if you have it)

no, I'm not a big fan of dressing up for races. When I'm running I have to be comfortable and I easily get frustrated with excess. I have run a Halloween race with skeleton legging though...

8. If you run in cold weather, what’s the one piece of gear you can’t live without?

Ear warmers. My ears are SOOO sensitive to the cold!

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