Tri Update and Spinning App giveaway!

I'm about a month away from doing my first Triatholon.  It's a sprint tri to the swim is 300m, 16 mile bike, and a 5k run.  When I first started training I was really nervous about the swimming part.  300m is a long way to someone that just recreationally swims at the pool with her kids.  I've never just all out swam to swim.  So I've been focusing on the swimming part of my training a lot.

This is a snap shot of my training plan for this week.  Just to be honest, I have not been doing the length of time it says on the training. I just don't physically have that much time in my day.  But based on what  distances I'm going to have to do in the race, I think what I've been working in with be ok.  After all, this is my first so I'm not necessarily trying to beat a time.

 photo 32851377-D64E-437C-86EF-761726D79CF1-1800-000003494AA3E385_zps9f75b5f5.jpg 

This is a snap shot of my swim I have coming up next week...

   photo 7A1F076A-9F86-487E-BE50-66F42E60E932-1800-000003493F1B0746_zpsac0b6202.jpg

Yes, a 500m all out swim, wow.  I'm kind scared, but I did a 400m last weekend and it was tough but I did it and it felt GOOD!  Talk about challenging myself!

 photo E8654AE1-551F-4110-92BF-CADE289ED262-1800-0000034944F542C4_zpsbf6586ea.jpg

Yeah, I'm kind of behind my goal progressions but I haven't factored in my cross training.  I take 2-3 yoga classes per week, teach 2 abs class, and teach 2 one hour crosstraining classes each week.  Strength wise I think I'll be ok.

Now here's some fun for you!  The great folks that made my tri training app also have a spinning app!  And they are giving one away to you!

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