Texas State Fair

Last night we went to the State Fair of Texas, for the first time for all four of us.  First lesson learned, take the train!  The DART will get you right by the entrance with none of the traffic if you part close to the fair.  The traffic was HORRENDOUS!

 photo DSC05644_zpsfb03e7fd.jpg 

Oh, yes.  Notice the ominious clouds? This was taken when we were on our way out of the fair.  We totally wanted to take the kids on the ferris wheel but with a quick look at our radar app on our phones we realized that the storm was fixing to hit!

 photo DSC05642_zps26be0d79.jpg 

We took the kids to the ostrich races, and we quite unimpressed.  Sounds like alot of fun but unfortunately it was too drawn out for young kids to sit and watch.  The ostriches themselves were pretty cool though!

 photo DSC05635_zpsfc12aea3.jpg

Yes, my hubs was forced into were his Superman shirt by my sweet boy handing it too him saying,"Daddy, will you were your Superman shirt too?"  Seriously, how do you say no to that.  Plus it's a great way to identify a kid if they are out in big crowds.  Plus the "tattoo" of his name and my phone number I wrote on his arm.

 photo DSC05634_zps324a6116.jpg

 photo DSC05636_zpseb8f0459.jpg

 photo DSC05630_zpsd96515a8.jpg 

These "rocks" are pillows, well they are soft at least!

 photo DSC05629_zpsfd44aec9.jpg

Bet you can't tell my son is obsessed with Superman can you?  He LOVED the #ManofSteel exhibit in honor of the anniversary of Superman!

 photo DSC05626_zpse899d9c8.jpg

My kids were MESMERIZED by these Chinese drummers and dancers.

 photo DSC05627_zpsad732d18.jpg

Of course we tasted some of the fried goodies.  We got the fried guacamole.  Yeah...

 photo DSC05622_zpsbfc22fd5.jpg

I personally thought it was gross.  Let's just say this one bite was all I ate.  My hubs thought it was okay though.  He's also a much bigger fried food fan than me though.

 photo DSC05623_zpsfe5722be.jpg

Kids, always wanting to take a picture...not.

 photo DSC05620_zps5bbe9388.jpg

Of course a trip to the State Fair of Texas wouldn't be complete without a photo with the New and Improved (and not burnt) Big Tex!

 photo DSC05624_zps66179b71.jpg

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