First day of MDO AND big 4!

Today is my little's first day of Mother's Day Out for this year!  I'm super excited but kind of nervous.  My littlest has been having a few issues this last week with separation anxiety so I'm hoping tomorrow is easier than I'm thinking it will be!  I had to make her a "Getting to know me" poster tonight for tomorrow...

 photo 642C608A-B678-43D8-A019-6B9A8E9B479B-7576-00000AA6565D98BD_zpsd469529c.jpg

And today is my boy's 4th birthday!  So I had to make cupcakes for him to share at school tomorrow, yes I feel bad that they aren't quite as pretty or extravagant as my cupcakes usually are but my plate is overflowing with activities and I'm having a hard time doing everything so a box cake mix is what happened, hey the buttercream icing is homemade at least!

 photo 45686D5A-3CDA-432F-99B2-9D57DE8E0C9B-7576-00000AA89B6ABFB6_zpsebb87cbb.jpg

Happy Birthday to my sweet Rich!

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