#SummerRefresh Fitness Week

The following is a guest post from Shelly at Running Pfuhl:


 Week Two of the #FitApproach Living+ Kickstart your health 30-Day #SummerRefresh challenge is here! The ladies at Fit Approach have a busy week planned for us! This week is the #Fitness Challenge! WOOT!! I hope you'll join us and post your results on one of the TripleSBlogs, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (See Links Below) Are you ready to #challenge yourself?

  Aug. 12 - 16: Fitness!

8/12: Take the Burpee Challenge! Do burpees for two minutes. Rest when needed! Share your results in the Challenges tab. 


  8/13: Plank-a-day Tuesday! Tone it up by holding a plank (any variation) for at least one-minute. Post your results in the Challenges tab, if you've joined the Living+ Community! Also Tune in for Living Fit Hangout on Air Discussion with our expert panel to learn about how you can find your best fit and make it stick! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1cGbEYB

plank variation 

  8/14: PopSugar Fitness is hosting: Work Your Backside Wednesday! How many squats can you do in a minute? Squat-it-out for 60 seconds and tell us how many squats you completed by posting in the Challenges tab!


  8/15: Take the Pushups Challenge! Complete 30 pushups in 1 sitting. Rest when needed. Post your results in the Challenges tab! Check the above link for proper form and if you're up for it, take the 100 push up challenge!


  8/16: Friday Funday! Try a new physical activity and have fun while doing it! Share a picture in the Challenges tab! Check in with us!! Tell us how your doing this week. 

Shelly: The Running Pfuhl, Facebook

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