Getting to know you.

Getting to Know You Link Party with the Texas Women Bloggers

1. What part of Texas do you call home?

Burleson,Texas.  We just moved here a few years ago but I love Ft. Worth more and more.

2. How long have you been blogging?

I'm fixing to come on my 1 year blogaversary!

3. Why did you start blogging?

I was feeling a little lost from myself.  As a stay at home mom I was being to wonder who I was beyond mom or wife.  Blogging helped me branch out and really look deeper into what I love and what I'm good at beyond those initial things.

4. When we visit your blog, what can we expect to discover?

While I do alot of fitness related stuff, I'm a big healthy living person.  I love to try to live as organically as possible so I'm always sharing my easy tips with others to try to live the same way.  As a pinterest aholic I'm always trying new crafts so my blog share alot of my ventures, the good and the bad!

5. How did you come up with your Blog Title and what is its meaning?

It's a bit like the answer to the question above.  I wanted to encompass all my interests in one fail swoop.  Cooking, crafting, and RUNNING!

6. What do you love about being part of Texas Women Bloggers?

Meeting other lady bloggers.  Sometimes even blogging can be lonely and belittling when you see those big bloggers getting all those awesome giveaways and stuff, so being apart of groups like TWB helps you feel a little bigger!

7. Who inspires you to blog?

I get inspiration everywhere.  From other bloggers and from my everyday happenings I get inspiration.

8. If you could pick a favorite blog post from this past year, what would it be?

I don't know!  There's been so many fun posts that I've loved.  Here's some of my favs.

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