First Day of Tri Training + App Giveaway!

Yesterday was my first bike race.  Well, come to find out the Tour de Cure wasn't necessarily a "race" per se more of a "ride".  But still, it was my first time riding with a bunch of other cyclists.  It was such a great experience and I'm so glad that I participated.  For one, it was for a great cause, raising money for diabetes, and two, I very quickly realized I need a new bike.

My bike is a good old school road bike but it's no racing bike.  And if you know me, I have a need for speed.  Well, athletically speaking anyway!  I like to be competitive and if I am going to do this tri and actually feel like I'm giving it my all.  I really need a faster bike, so we'll see if the hubs agrees...

 photo 6FD6ED7B-7C45-43CB-B892-AB9388D4E84F-13846-00000E332FC25781_zps4e680d67.jpg

First Day of Training!

Today August 4th if officially my first day of my 12 week training plan.  My workout assigned for today was this.

 photo 975068F1-DC56-40E2-9CFC-7B55549EC39D-13846-00000E3339FCA1D8_zps795ded35.jpg

The bilateral drills were interesting because I've been breathing every right stroke up until now so it was a bit of a change up for me.  I ended up doing 6 x 25m and at 22-24 splits.

The cool down wasn't much of a cool down.  I like having one long swim each workout so I ended with a quick 100m in about 2 minutes.  It felt good and I was definitely breathing hard at the end.  

 photo F3733ED1-688D-4A9A-A8B2-345248609DEB-13846-00000E469221E8BB_zps92baa60d.jpg

Win the 1stTimeTri App!

Been thinking about trying a triathlon?  Well, the training plans get really expensive.  I've found this super easy to use app called 1stTimeTri that does all the guess work for you.  Win it for yourself!

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