Book Review: Living Single

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GoodReads Synopsis:

In a witty and wonderful debut, first-time novelist Holly Chamberlin chronicles an eventful year in the lives of four thirty-something women who are navigating sex, singlehood, and the big city. This is going to be Erin Weston's year. At thirty-two, she has decided to make a concentrated effort to find The One, though certainly not at the expense of her career in a Boston PR firm. But when she meets the married man-of-her-dreams, she has to figure out how to chase after the real Mr. Right, when Mr. Right-Now has swept her off her feet. Abby Walker is New England's version of a steel magnolia. A hopeless romantic, she has the unwavering determination to make her dream of becoming a wife and mother come true. Plus, she has the looks that make grown men swoon--even one as grown as Erin's recently divorced father. Now, love and loyalty are on a collision course. A highly respected pediatrician, JoAnne Chiofalo treats Boston's youngest--but her own life lacks some tender loving care. As far as relationships are concerned, she's realistic to a fault, until her own medical emergency gives her something more to live--and love--for. She's no fashion plate, but Maggie Branley packs a one-two punch of brains and compassion. A professor at M.I.T., it's her work at a women's shelter that brings her satisfaction. And although a doomed grad school relationship has put her off men, it's long past time for her heart to get back in the game. It's life shaken-not-stirred for these four sister-in-arms. Career moves and cocktails go hand-in-hand when they take to Boston's teeming streets in their search for lust, love, and everything in between. And while bad hair days and lonely nights might trip them up,they'll never give up their faith in five-star restaurants and four-way friendship.

My take:

I really liked it!  It was like a month by month recap of 4 single girls over the course of the year in Boston.  The main story was a 30 something that gets caught up in a adulterous relationship that takes her on a whirlwind discovery of herself.  As a almost 30-something that has been married for almost 7 years with 2 kids, seeing life through a single girls life definitely makes me appreciate my life.  

Holly Chamberlein definitely painted a portrait of one single lady and her trials.  However, I found myself wanting to know more about her friends and how they all became friends.  So there was a bit of a lack of connection with all the characters.

Overall, a great beach read!

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  1. Great book review. Sounds like something I would actually like!


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