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So I looked around at several triathlon websites:  Beginnertriathlete.com,   triathlete, and trifind.com, to name a few.  But I kept seeing training plans $20+, and that's just a little much if you ask me, OR my hubs!  I started remembering how nice it was to have the information always available on my phone when I was training for my marathon vs. constantly searching for my piece of paper with my last half training plan everyday.

Of course, I turned to the trusted iTunes App Store and searched Triathlon Training.  This is one of the first ones that popped up on the search and I was SO highly rated.  It was a bit more expensive than the average app at $5.99 but for a WHOLE 12 week training plan, I personally thought that was totally understandable.

 photo firsttimetri_zps3e64b72c.jpg

This is a screen shot of my week 1.  Totally reasonable if you ask me!  

I don't officially start training until August 4th but I'm super excited to tell you how it goes!

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  1. I wondered what a training plan for a tri would look like! I'm looking forward to following your training!


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