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Check out my friend Shelly's guest post for today!

Surely by now you've noticed the theme: Back Exercises. I know I've said repeatedly how much I dislike strength training. I know I know.. all the "shoulds" are going on in my head right now.... I should do it. I should make the time. I should do this to be a better runner. That being said, I like back exercises.

I really like push ups. I'd like to do more, but I had an accident a while back that prevents me from doing them. It also prevents me from lifting heavier weights. Maybe I would enjoy this process more if I could lift more than 5 pounds.

So what I've been doing is Thera-Band workouts: Here's a good one, if you can get over her "swexiness"! Plus she adds a little lower body too!

This is another one I've done this month, he's got a lot of good instruction and variety.

Back 1

Back 2

Keep this in mind, you don't have to have a gym membership or lots of equipment at home to begin your fitness journey. Therabands are inexpensive and come in various resistance or "pounds of force." I encourage you to get moving, no matter where you start.... just start! 

Shelly's Goals Check this week: We had a guest speaker at church this week, the speaker encouraged us to step up our game. I've been teetering on the fence of Meh and Blah for a while. Too long, really. It's what runners call "a funk". Summer is here, ya know.... it's the whole "Summer Time and the Living is Easy" syndrome. I'm not on schedule, I'm sleeping in. I'm in the lull of the heat or something. I've gotten lazy. Lazy I tell you! We were encouraged to fill out a commitment card regarding the next 6 months. What would we do for the next 6 months to meet our goals. So I made a spreadsheet. Writing out my training plan for the next 6 months. I included DRC Races and a few distance races.

My Plan this week is as follows.

Monday: Yoga, Elliptical and Hydration* (96 oz)
Tuesday: 5@5, yup I am for real setting my alarm for 4:15 to run with the Tuesday/Thursday Group. Hydration
Wednesday: Yoga and Hydration
Thursday: 5@5 and Hydration
Friday: Yoga & Hydration
Saturday: Race day! MRTT Running Mad Summer Virtual! WOOT!

*Its summer and hydration is important, particularly during race week. As of the publishing of this post I've had 32 oz!

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