#Athleta Wishlist

I got my first Athleta swimsuit this summer and I LOVE it!  It's so comfy and yet girly and supportive.  So I eagerly poured through the most recent magazine that they sent me.  Here's my Athleta wishlist:

Even though we are in the heat of summer, I am wishing for this No Sweatin hoodie and Capri combo. Seriously, doesn't that look like the softest cotton ever?

Sleeveless shirts and leggings are one of my favorite comfy outfits.  This Cloud Tank looks like it would be just long enough and loose enough to wear with some leggings.

I am in the market for some new supportive sports bras so I'm trying to decided between this Va Va Sport Bra...

this Glory bra and...

this Front Release Bra.  They all look super comfy and supportive.

This blue Majestic Tunic is seriously calling my name.  I love anything that shows off my back like the straps on this one would!

This Twist & Turn Maxi is so pretty!  I guess I'm finally growing up because I'm starting to love long flowing dresses.

Oh hello Fall!  I LOVE sweaters, that open in the front, not the ones that go over your head.  This Anga Wrap looks so feminine and lightly warming that I just want to shrug it on!

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