Menu Plan

How is it possible that I am even more tired on a Sunday night that I am on a weekday night?  My kids are little and I'm a SAHM so it's not like my weekends are all that different that my daily situation.  Well, somehow I did manage to make a menu today but I didn't make it to the store for my weekly grocery trip.

My hubs and I did make some AMAZING feta stuffed BBQ chicken on the grill with asparagus for dinner.  OMG we both agreed that it was gourmet quality!

  • MONDAY:  Baked chicken breasts with roasted red peppers and cheese
  • TUESDAY:  Costco Chicken Alfredo with broccoli
  • WEDNESDAY:  Roast
  • THURSDAY:  Leftovers
  • FRIDAY:  Spaghetti
  • SATURDAY:  Tacos
  • SUNDAY:  Taco Salad

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