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It's Week Two of the Triple S June #abtastik Challenge. Have you been keeping up? If not will you start today? Declare your goals for the week. For me it's seems easier if I have a plan. I write it down. It's my #goalscheck Am I getting one step closer every day?The #abtastik Challenge is helping me stay focused. Gotta whittle this middle down! They say the mind is the last to go... I beg to differ!! It's whittling this middle down! For as much as I know that "abs are made in the kitchen" there's nothing to reveal if I'm not doing the work! And I'm not talking Jersey Shore Abs. Just Less Jiggle!

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Triple S is still promoting Angel's (from Well-Girl) calendar and exercises. This week there's good variety! As always I will incorporate these moves into a tabata style workout, which will look like this:
Dynamic Stretching Start Timer - 4 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest Jumping Jacks Push Ups Ab Move of the Day Standing Leg Lifts 35 second plank

#abtastik moves of the week: 
Monday - Bicycles 
Tuesday - Reverse Crunch 
Wednesday - REST 
Thursday - Toe Touch
Friday - Plank Saturday - Russian Twist

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I've been hesitant to write me goals on here for my readers.  Not because I have anything to hide but because I haven't felt very directly driven lately.  I'm not training for any races and I don't even plan to run in a 5k in the near future, so I don't feel like I'm very goal-oriented right now.  But I've been thinking about my choices and what I'm getting excited about and I think they are good enough to be used as my goals so I've wo-manning up to show you!

  • Food:  Eat consistently and healthy choices so my unhealthy choices (Totinos and oreos) are balanced out!
  • Workouts:  A couple weeks ago I tried this Total Body Blast class at my gym and I fell in love with it!  When I walk out of the class my limbs are like jello and I LOVE it!  So I do that class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and balance myself out with running/elliptical work and my Yoga on Monday and Wednesday.  Friday if I go to the gym it's just an easy elliptical workout so I can catch up on my US Weekly.  I was never a "class-goer" but I've fallen in love with my classes lately.
  • Water:  I'm excited to bring a series that I'm guinea pigging for you this summer!  I love to drink water but I get tired of the same old agua!  So I've taken inspiration from my lime/lemon/cucumber/spearmint water to try different combos and share with you!

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  1. Water is so hard for me. I should try the infused water too!


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