Succulent Terrarium

It all started with my need for some heat resistant plants on my front porch.  So my trip to Lowes and Home Depot ended up with a basket of beautiful succulents and some pebbles!  Of course I used my pin from Pinterest that I featured on my Pins of the Week to help me create my beautiful terrarium and succulent planters.

    photo succulentterrarium_zpscd8ff66e.jpg

I've had this super tall vase but other than Christmas I never use it.  So I was so excited to see this pin on Pinterest and I had to make my own beautiful terrarium.

 photo DSC05353_zpsb3bc4e48.jpg

I filled the bottom with about 2 inches of 1 inch rocks to provide drainage for the garden.

 photo DSC05355_zps3fda8cc5.jpg

 Then I placed my three plants in and filled it in with potting soil.

 photo DSC05358_zpsdb37af04.jpg

It's sitting in my front entry to welcome guests into our home.

 photo DSC_0003-1_zps9befe35c.jpg

 photo succulentterrarium_zpscd8ff66e.jpg

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