Squat Challenge + Goals LinkUp

Hey all you crazy folks out there!  Have you heard the song Madness by Muse?  Well, it's kind of awesome, I'm totally digging it right now.  Yeah, I'm the chick in the huge Mom car that is jamming to it!


Squat Challenge

Grab the challenge and post it on your blog if you want to join in or just to show your goal of getting your hiney in check for those summer bikinis!

She cooks, She crafts, She Runs

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my swim suit that I order from Athleta.  But while I wait I've been busy pumping up my cardio, completeing my squats, and hitting the ab workouts hard.  

Having two kids really kills your tummy.  When I was pregnant my abs actually seperate and were "herniated"? Is that even how you say or spell that?  Basically I have a huge gaping hole between my abs so in order to marry them I have to work really hard and really do tons of ab work.

I've been burning them up by doing tons of crunches, planks, and 4-10 minutes of ab workout switch ups.  

Goals LinkUp

I shared my current goals with you so now it's your turn.  What do you want to accomplish this week, this month, or this year?  Link up your blog post of your goals.


  1. Love it!! Great song! I'm not in the huge mom car, but I do have to sunroof open in my sports wagon! :)


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