Pins of the Week

Have I mentioned I'm totally addicted to The Hunger Games Trilogy right now?  As of the moment I'm writing this I'm still on the second book Catching Fire but I CANNOT put it down.

Oh Katniss, I feel so bad for you!  I loved Twilight as well, but it always bothered me how weak Bella was until the last movie.  Katniss is the opposite, she's so strong that it's like she has no idea how much strength she has.

Pins of the Week

I found this Detox Water on the fabulousfoodblog.com and I'm totally curious.  I don't necessarily think detoxes are the answer to everything but sometimes a fresh taste to flush the system is refreshing!

I loved this DIY Home Terrarium from Easy Home DIY and Crafts.  It has some great instructions with wonderfully informative tidbits of knowledge like putting charcoal to prevent mold!  I will definitely be heading to Lowe's or Home Depot to get some little plants and making some of these to go all over my house!  I love plants. Seriously, I will take pictures of my back porch and show you my plant obsession.

Fab 'n Free has a whole gaggle of chevron patterns available.  I love Chevron...hello my new blog design?  And this site has some great flips on the norm!

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