Pins of the Week

I didn't find a whole lot of cool stuff on Pinterest this week.  I guess I was having a "Picky" week.  You know, when you get on Pinterest and you are looking at stuff and you are like "Do I really like that?  Would I really do that? Nah".  Yeah, it was one of those weeks.

Pins of the Week

I got it from J. Christina Huh but she had it tagged from Carol Gearing but I couldn't find the original photo.  Either way, I love this idea.  I totally want to do it in my bedroom.  It's just so romantic yet neutral.

When R was just old enough to take a shower we would get him to stop throwing a fit about going to bed by talking him into giving his dump truck a car wash in the shower.  He loved it!  To this day he still randomly wants to get in the shower and just spray water and shampoo all over his dump truck!

When I saw this car wash idea from What Do We Do All Day I was wondering how I didn't think of this!  Next rainy day we totally are doing this!

Isn't this skirt the cutest?  Mama Says Sew has a great step by step tutorial on how to make this adorable skirt.  Now, to actually make it...

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