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Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  I hope you are having a relaxing and safe weekend.  Of course, I must mention a special THANK YOU to all the service members and veterans out there that have serviced our country!  Thank you for doing what you do!

My good friend Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck was sweet enough to make an appearance on my blog today!  Check out what she has to say about blogging.

Guest Post

I really enjoy blogging. Like to me it's the best thing since sliced bread. The sense of community. The feeling that the sky is really not the limit. The learning (oh yes, there's lots of learning going on every single day) curves.

Designing your own slice of internet real estate and watching it grow into something you never thought imaginable. It's all like Christmas morning. ;) With all fun/great things, there are tips/tricks that I wish I would've known when I first started blogging. I think it would've made my life so much better. ;) LOL I've figured them out along the way, but a little, "hey newbie...this is what you need to do" would've gone a long way in my book. ;)

 Today I'm going to give you some of what I wished I'd have known over a year and a half ago....

1. Design a space that you think represents you. But don't make it look too busy. If your goal is to one day work with brands, your site should look professional.

2. Make sure your contact information is glaring in neon lights. Well, not literally. ;) But if you have a nav bar underneath your header image, make sure you put the word "Contact" in there somewhere. And then actually type out your email address in the contact info. If you don't want spam bots finding it, just break it down as "blahblahblahemailaddress(at)gmail(dot)com" and you'll be good to go. :) You can even add a link over it so that someone could click it if they wanted to. Here's the code you would put in your link: mailto:blahblahblahemailaddress @ gmail . com (except don't put any spaces in there as I have done for demonstration purposes...just in case that really is someone's email address.) ;)

3. Do not use Captcha for your commenting system. Just turn that stuff off. If you are concerned about spam comments, just set all your comments to "approve all comments" You will still get spam comments, but you'll be able to delete them before they ever show up on your blog. Cause you are approving each comment. This is also how you'll know who've you replied to or not.

4. Blog for yourself. Blog about what interests you. Be true to who you are, always.

5. If you don't know how to do something, ask someone. Trust me when I say that there is always something knew to learn. :)

6. Form a blog tribe. Find 5-6 people that you can connect with on a regular basis who are around your same level of blogging experience. You'll be able to learn together and support one another as you grow.

7. Be present on your social media accounts.

8. Engage your readers. Ask them a question at the end of every post. Ask a question on your facebook page. Ask a question on twitter. Comment back to them.

9. Don't play music on your blog. If you want someone to listen to music, feel free to have something in your sidebar (although most people are only on your blog for under 2 minutes, so probably wouldn't get used all that much).

10. If you add pictures to your blog, make sure they are at least the width of your content area (but no less than 50px short of your content width). My content area is 600px wide. My pictures are always either 550px wide or 600px wide. People like big pictures! So do brands!!

11. Find blogging communities (like on Facebook) that are either state-related, niche-related, or some other interest. Become active in those communities.

12. Add social media buttons to your sidebar. Make it easy for people to follow you elsewhere. Make sure they sit as close to the top of your page as possible (like above your profile image on your sidebar or underneath your navigation bar.) Blogging is about building community. Around yourself and your blog and around others. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will grow. :)

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Taylor blogs over at . She is a lifestyle blogger who blogs about all things shoes, books, food, fashion, beauty and more. She writes a regular series offering up Blogging Tips called . You can also find her regularly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Keek.

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  1. I re-pinned the how to make your Facebook pretty. I need to do that. I have messed with mine a little, but I know it could look MUCH better! Thanks for sharing!


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