DIY Mom's Day Planter

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Mother's Day and yet I still had not decided what to do for the special ladies in my life.  Well, lucky for me one of my besties shared her gift she made for her mom many moons ago.  Check it out.

 photo mompres2_zps033c3b7d.jpg

You begin with a regular tera cotta pot and spray paint it.  I taped off the top on two of my three pots but you can do what you like.
 photo mompres_zpsf61ffaa8.png

Then get out the acrylic paints and their sweet little hands.  I used their hands for the stems and and fingertips for the flowers.  My 15 month old wasn't too happy about the hand in paint thing but my 3 year old thought it was fun.

 photo mompres1_zps157d0195.jpg

I then used my Silhouette to cut out the "love their little hands" and put it along the top of the pot.  Then I sprayed two thick layer of the Rustoleum Clear Enamel to glaze the pot.

 photo DSC05333_zps42b7ec3b.jpg

 photo mompres2_zps033c3b7d.jpg