Spring Cleaning + Goals

Happy April 1st!  I wish I was a better April Fooler, but I'm not.  So, no pranks over here!  However I am in Spring Cleaning mode.

Spring Cleaning 

This year I scoured Pinterest for new ways of cleaning random stuff around my house.  So here's my list of stuff I'm going to clean in my life and home and share with you whether the Pinterest find was helpful for a dud.
  • Keurig
  • Clean pipes
  • Wash shower liner
  • Unclog showerhead
  • Clean bath toys
  • Clean pillows
  • Inside of oven glass
  • Magic Eraser uses!
  • Microwave oven
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Running shoes
  • Desk
  • Email
So throughout the month I'll be posting my progression on my Spring cleaning list!

Goal setting Guest Post

My good friend Sarah from How My World Runs is sharing some incentives to help you along this month.

It's April 1 and April Fools Day! Don't worry, no practical jokes here. Are you ready for a new month of goals and workouts? Shelly, Sara and I are starting a few new things to help keep us in line.
  • Each Monday you will see a #GoalsCheck post. Just a check-up on where we are with our goals. It can be any goals you have~ fitness, financial, work, etc.
  • #EarnYourShower ~ shout it out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get out there and Earn Your Shower!
  • Water check up. It's important year round, but it weighs more heavily on me as it gets warmer. You have to drink water. Even if you work out indoors, you can still get dehydrated.
  • As always~ motivation and support!

April Arms: Week 1, Shoulder Press

Who's ready for tank top weather? The first arms exercise is the Shoulder Press. I'm a big fan of this weight workout, I do them several times a week. You can use any weight amount, go slow and work your way up. I use 5 pounds at home and 10-12.5 at the gym. Usually I do 3 reps, 12-15 each rep. Here's a great video on exactly how to do this exercise. Let us know you are participating:
  • Comment on a blog post or Facebook page
  • Twitter and Instagram #GoalsCheck and #EarnYourShower

My #GoalsCheck

  • Blogging: Doing pretty good with my goals there, need to get more organized though.
  • Fitness: Still working those weights, slowly building up. I love the way my arms look!
  • Abs: That's a constant, some days good, some days bad.
  • Water: Eh, some days good, some days bad. This is a big goal for me to concentrate on!
  • Running: I'm knocking it out here! Set several PR's so far this year!
  • Full Marathon: This is a category all its own. I'll be running my first run past 13.1 miles in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Weekend in Review

Ally and I ran a 5k near our house on Saturday. I love the local races, they are so easy to get to and park. Love seeing people I know! My 5k followed a 6 mile very humid training run. It seems I race better after a long run, not sure why? I hit a PR and 1st place in my age group. I was hoping for under 24 minutes, maybe next time. I'll take 24:28 and that 1st place medal!


Ally ran a good race. She barfed at about mile 2.9 but kept going and didn't quit. That makes me a proud mama, even if it wasn't her best time!


 What are your goals? Are you completing them? Did you workout today? Link up your Goals blog post here and join us in #GoalsCheck!

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