Rained in

Yesterday was so cold, and wet, and we were stuck inside all afternoon.  You better bet that I escaped to the gym and a McD's playdate for lunch!  Well I entertained my 3 year old with a new movie, Rise of the Guardians for a couple hours while my little 14 month old took a nap.

It was a cute movie that I think we both enjoyed.  R liked that Santa and the Easter bunny were so tough and cool.  I thought it was a sweet, touching way of helping little continue to believe!

I made R a fun, healthy snack that he seemed excited about it.

Sliced bananas topped with peanut butter and raisins.  The kid LOVES each by itself so I figured it would be a hit!

Once the little one woke up, they were both just following me around screaming at me so I turned to trusty Pinterest to entertain my kids.  I have a whole board dedicated to my kids, it's called "Kid Stuff". Of course I was gravitating toward all the fun summer activities that really need to be done outside but I picked out this one first.  The pictures below are not my kids, they are photos from my pins so if you click on the pictures below they will take you to the blog I got them from.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but I was a bit distracted by my 14 month old screaming crying because she decided it was better to suck on the dropper with vinegar and eat the baking soda.  Yeah, R thought it was tons of fun and played with his bunch for like 20 minutes but I spent that time trying to calm my little B!

So I tried this one for B.

She had fun with her different bags of paint.  But since I've done this before she wasn't all that impressed so I tried this.

She was kind of interested but R was having a blast rolling it around the floor.  As far as impressing B, well she's had an ear infection for the last week and I think it's getting worse so I don't think anything would have made her happy, except the ear drops that are numbing.  Those helped...ALOT!

Have any fun rainy day entertainment for kids?  
Leave a comment below I'd love to check them out!

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