Pins of the Week

I was REALLY busy this past week preparing for a Psych test I have this weekend and a party that I planned last weekend so I didn't get to get on Pinterest very much but I have a few goodies to share with you none the less!

For newbies, to find out more about the pin just click on the photo and to go to the website I provide the link within my description.  Also, don't forget to link up your pinnable post(s) from the past week so I can check them out below!

Pins of the Week

I love the Yankee candles or the candle from Bath and Body works when they are on sale but each time I'm done burning the candle I always rinse out the jar and then once it's nice and squeaky clean I look at it and say, "So what am I going to do with this now?"  The hoarder in me says,"Oh, you'll find something!" and the OCD freak inside says,"THROW IT AWAY!"  So the screaming usually works and I put it in the recycle bin.  But thanks to Life Ann Style, the hoarder will be winning!

I thought this was so cute!  I'm always seeing those cute dresses at Target and I love seeing this for possible Halloween costumes or like the ladies at Ucreate used them for their trip to Disney!

Thanks to Well-Girl I can have my cake (or brownie) and not feel guilty.  Now that's what I call sweet!

Pin Up Party

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