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Welcome to week 4 of April Arms! The exercise this week is the Biceps curl, one of my favorites. It's easy to do and works lots of muscles. Until tonight I thought this exercise was just working my arms but it turns out, if done properly, it can be a total body workout! (Disclaimer: A professional photographer is not in the blog budget, so you'll have to excuse the smirk on my face and the blue light from the TV!) The biceps curl has a few variations, here are a few. This link has more info on form and what muscle groups it works. This video shows proper form.
I use the 5 pound weight at home and 10-12 at the gym.


I try to do the biceps curl at home several times a week when I can't make it to the gym. I incorporate this into my other arms workouts.

#GoalsCheck Monday!

  • Training: going well, had a great 10 miles on Saturday. I have 11 coming up this weekend and 15 in the next few weeks!
  • Abs and Core: still trucking along, I'm sore today from doing sit ups on the incline bench
  • Weights: I went to the gym yesterday with John and tried out several new machines and the actual bench press, that bar alone is 45 pounds, I'm definitely not ready for that one yet!
  • Water and food: not bad considering I was at camp for 3 days this week.
Today is a rest day for me. Did you #EarnYourShower today? Are you meeting your goals or making new ones? Link up your #GoalsCheck posts here!


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