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I have to share my amazing reverie that I could hardly draw myself out of during my mediation in my yoga class yesterday!  During savasana aka laying on my back and closing my eyes and dreaming while awake, I found myself laying in a field of green.  I think I was on a hill side of a field of soft green grass that went on as far as the eye can see with blue skies and a few clouds and the warmth of the sun in spring just warming my body and face.  Seriously it felt amazing,

I was suddenly scared there was a cow that was going to walk on me, yeah, during yoga THAT is the thought that creeps into my head!  So I quickly calmed myself by having my trusty lab, Lola laying next to me.  Seriously, that was my solution for not having to be viligant...during my daydream? Whateve, she was happy that she was by my side and I was comforted by her presence.

I just had to share my reverie with you because I was so tickled by the funny, what if, that creeped into my mediation and my DOG was the solution!  Our funny brains!


You know your nasty but used to be cute rough doormat you have?  Redo it!  With spray paint!  I can't believe I didn't think of this but I'm already repainted on of my old ones that had found a new home in my garage.  You better bet this great tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus has almost brought my oldie back alive!

In the spirit of Easter AND my love of using pieces of lumber to make things around the house, I love this simple sign from Signs from Andrea.  It's $40 from her site but I'm totally using my Silhouette to duplicate this for my house.

Yum, um, bananas fosters anyone? Anyone? ME, ME, ME! This is even a family friendly recipe and it looks pretty simple.  In the light of being frank, I'm probably going to use real bonifide rum in mine but my kids don't usually get dessert anyway! I Wash You Dry got it right on this tasty treat.

Pin Up Party

I haven't done a link up in months.  I was wanting a little more involvement from my readers and I think I got down on myself with the amount of people participating.  But that's all part of starting out, right?  So I'm going to try again and I'm going to start hosting a Pin Up Party every Tuesday for you to show off!

I'm not making any rules yet but I just ask that you please tweet, Facebook, or link to my party from your blog to help spread the word.  PLEASE spread the word and as always I love comments!  Be calm and LINK up!

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