Our Day in SA

I'm seriously so lucky that my kids are such great sleepers!  We didn't have any problems with them in our hotel room and we got really great sleep, despite the fact I never usually sleep well the first night I'm somewhere other than home.  Why is that?  I'm like that even if I'm spending the night at a home I've very comfortable and familiar with, I guess it has something to do with being out of your norm?

Well, we are staying at the Marriot Rivercenter right here in the heart of SA so we have TONS of things around us!  So naturally, we head to Denny's for breakfast! After Denny's it was off to one of my bff's from Pearland, Kim's house since she lives in SA.

She has two kids about the same ages as mine and they had so much fun playing!  I finally got to see her new house and instantly feel in love with it!  It was so beautiful and she's done such a gorgeous job decorating it!  But I honestly wouldn't except anything less...

The lil sis's and there pouches!

 photo DSC05207_zps1261576f.jpg

 photo DSC05208_zps0e96f2a8.jpg

Of course, I have to provide equally opportunity time for da boys!

 photo DSC05209_zps97bc5da7.jpg

Kim had this awesome Little Tikes bouncer!  The kids loved it!  And we enjoyed it because it wore them out, 'bough said.

 photo DSC05210_zpsfb75fd21.jpg

After a super fun and wonderful trip to Kim's we came back into SA so B could nap.  R and I went to walk through the mall and check out the hotel pool so B could catch some uninterrupted by R, zzz's.  Don't worry my hubs stayed in the hotel room with her doing some work while we roamed.

I was nice spending some time with my son by ourselves because we don't get alot of time just the two of us anymore.  It sort of strange that after it just being him and I all day almost everyday for his first 2 years of his life that B is always with us now.  Funny how such a simple thing can be overlooked so easily, it definitely made me want to put more time and energy into doing things just with him.

Once B woke up it was off to an early dinner because the hubs had to do a work thing tonight.  Of course, we had Mexican because we are in SA.  It was ok, but the river walk makes it great!  

I was excited to try my VoxBox's Nectresse natural sweetener with my iced tea.

 photo DSC05214_zpsd48503f8.jpg

I'm not a fan of artificial sweetners because I don't usually like their tastes.  I want to simply sweeten what it is I'm putting it in.  I was pleasantly surprised to LOVE the taste of my tea...with the sweetener! I didn't taste the sweetener but my iced tea with lemon was perfectly sweet and not bitter like unsweet tea.  Yeah, I may have fallen in love with a sweetener! 

 photo voxbox-blogimage-popup2_zps48607175.png

 photo DSC05215_zpse9870e93.jpg

The pigeons we totally pumped about having to clean up scraps after a 3 year old and 1 year old.  Hey, my son may have been scared to death of them and would totally sit in his seat but at least I didn't feel bad for leaving a mess! 

We ended our day with a little river ride on a boat.  I thought it was beautiful and I've always enjoyed architecture of older cities, especially ones that have alot of history.  Too bad my kids ruined the ride for most everyone around us with screaming and throwing a fit about them pushing on one another.  Ahh, sibling rivalry begins, but they sure are my cute sweethearts!

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