No more Google Reader...

Apparently Google Reader is going by the wayside so please start following me via Bloglovin'!  If you follow, leave a comment and your blog url below and I'll follow you back!

Thanks Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck for the heads up, I'm not sure how this all works for my Google followers but please either enter your email into the "Subscribe" option on the sidebar or follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss out!

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  1. When Google Reader goes away in July, there is a strong likelihood that GFC will follow as they are semi-connected with each other. When you follow someone via GFC, you are actually subscribing to their feed and it automatically puts their subscription into the Google Reader (whether you use it or not). Now, people can still subscribe to your feed by entering their email address in your subscribe area...this type of subscription sends your posts directly to someone's inbox, each time you post. So none of that will change. :) But the GFC may be going bye bye not long after Google Reader. Hope that made sense. ;)


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