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This past weekend my hubs and I got ourselves a couple of bikes.  No, not blowing down the highway at 70 miles an hour bikes but, bicycles.  We sort of adopted them from a friend whom had moved on to bigger and better bikes but for us, this will do.

Ever since my 3 year old has started riding his bike (oh yes, another hand-me-down from one of my nephews) with his training wheels, we have been discussing purchasing bikes so we could all ride together.  Well, this morning we bought a bike trailer to haul the bambino and off my hubs, my son, and myself hauling this lil 'un.

We had such a great time even though it was cold and super windy!

almond butter

I have been reading about so many healthy options and have been wanting to try all of them.  Well, I know I have to take it slowly and try them one at a time to see if I want to have them become permanent healthy substitutes.

Today I'm sharing with you my test drive of Almond butter.  I kept hearing of it in recipes used as butter or another as peanut butter, so I've sort of been confused as to the actual use of it.  But I've been using it as a topping on toast, muffins, and in mixes for oatmeal bites.  It not as flavorful as peanut butter but I'm chalking that up to the added salt in PB, but the nutty, earthy taste is fantastic!

Ok, not the most delicious photo but I just wanted to show that it LOOKS like PB! 

I don't think I'll be able to do a full on substitution here, I mean PB is pretty darn tasty.  BUT I'm definitely going to keep this stocked in my house and keep trying it in different ways.

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