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Happy Sunday!  Has this weekend been just totally off for anyone else?  It has not felt like a weekend at all around our house and yet here we are rolling through Sunday.

Yesterday my gf and I held a garage sale at my house.  So tiring but making $130 made it ok!  I think I could have done better but the drizzly, chilly day kept folks in there homes.  That no bueno for a garage sale!

When we got tired of waiting we loaded everything up and took it over to Goodwill.  It feels so awesome to get rid of stuff!  Anyone in the market for a 50" LCD HD TV?  lol  Seriously, if you know anyone in DFW that wants one please have them contact me!


I had a hard time making my menu this week.  You know how sometimes you just don't feel culinarily inspired?  Plus I'm trying to finish emptying out my deep freezer so I can make a big trip to Costco this week!  Fun!
  • MONDAY:  Brisket
  • TUESDAY: Chinese teriyaki with stir fry veges
  • WEDNESDAY:  Baked Potatoes with chopped beef (we like to chop up leftover brisket and douse it in BBQ sauce and freeze)
  • THURSDAY:  French Dip Sandwiches with sweet potato fries
  • FRIDAY:  Slow cooker boneless pork chops with pasta salad

Albion Giveaway!!!

Don't forget the giveaway we have going on with How My World Runs and RunningPfuhl.

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  1. I love the racerback tanks and l/s with thumb holes. Workout today will just be some good old yoga :)


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