Menu Plan

We had this past weekend away so today it's back to the daily grind of working out, cooking, cleaning, studying, and keeping up with my kiddos!  I'll say, it's so nice to see family and get little breaks away from your kids to have alone time with the hubs but it's SOOO nice getting back into your own bed.

I had a little overlap and my last meal of last week never got made!  The hubs told me we had enough leftovers and since we were going out of town that I didn't need to cook so it's getting moved back to today.

  • MONDAY:  Crockpot Bacon Wrapped Chicken with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  I thought I had pinned something about this chicken but I can't find the recipe so I'm just guessing on how to make this!
  • TUESDAY:  Chinese stir fry with Baked fish.  This is a Throw-it-in-the-wok sort of meal with some baked fish that I bought at Costco and some brown rice.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Crockpot Chicken tacos.
  • THURSDAY: Bean Soup
  • FRIDAY:  Use the leftover chicken from the tacos for chicken quesadillas
I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend and I'm super excited about some of my posts this week!  Think, YUM and FUN!

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