Lucky Charms Treats + March Madness

Shelly from RunningPfuhl has a new March Madness inspired workout for us!  I love her post and her great idea of doing a set of intervals several times throughout the day.  What a great idea to do a workout and not have it seem like you are.

Last week Sarah from How My World Runs told us about Jump Squats!  What a way to get your heart pounding and thighs screaming!  Shelly is taking a new route with our basketball inspired workout this week and hitting up our backs and shoulders with Lateral Raises.  Check out her different takes on the workout here.

Lucky Charms Treats

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After seeing I heart naptime's clover rice krispy treats, I got inspired.   What is more St. Patty's than green things and Lucky Charms!

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I grabbed some HEB brand marshmallow creme, my green food coloring, and me Lucky Charms.  I simply warmed the creme in the container in the microwave for like 30 seconds.  Be sure to check on it and stir every 15 seconds until it's liquify and easy to stir.

Then put the creme in a big bowl and start mixing in the green food coloring until you get the color green you want.

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Now it's time to pour the whole box of cereal into the green marshallow creme and mix.  Stir and stir until you have the cereal well coated.

 photo IMG_1315_zpsfa4fe8ca.jpg

When I was happy with how well coated the cereal was I poured it in my container.

 photo IMG_1316_zpsd37e182d.jpg

Then into the fridge it went.  It was set and ready to cut in about an hour.  But I would definitely keep them in the fridge because the marshmallow gets soft when out at room temperature.

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  1. my girls would love these - double the marshmallow, double the fun! :) Thanks so much for sharing!


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