Heavy Heart

You know those moments you have that you can't seem to get out of your mind and they just sit on your heart.  Yesterday was one of those moments.  Sometimes things happen, conversations take place, circumstances are involved that are beyond your control.

My Dad always said "Don't let anyone steal your joy".  That's one of my mottos of life because sometimes it seems impossible to live by.  There are people in your life that you love so much but can never seem to connect with entirely.  No matter how badly you want things to be "normal", they just never seem to reach status quo.

As a blogger AND a blog reader, I sometimes feel like everyone else out there is perfect and I'm in a tailspin trying to be that perfect.  Then I wonder to myself, do others read my blog and think I live a perfectly decorated, planned, cooked life?  No.  We all have our flaws or our mishaps or our insecurities but we try to dress them up with makeup of life to cover the pimples, wrinkles, and scars.  Pink Heels Pink Truck had a wonderfully touching post this week on Scars that has helped me in my dark time I'm having.  Seriously Taylor, we need to meet IRL, I think we could talk for hours!

Today is Good Friday and I am heading off to spend time with my hubs family.  It makes me thankful for what I have AND wishful for what I didn't/don't have but I'm reminding myself that this weekend is a celebration of Jesus crucifixion and of Spring time.  There are things we can't change, people who never will change, and I have to remember that it is what it is and to be thankful everyday for what I do have.  There's people in my life that I love but sometimes my heart hurts for them to think that by me living my own life in the best way I see fit for myself and my family, will never agree with them and how they choose to live their lives.  Harmony, sometimes, just doesn't exist.

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  1. This was beautiful!! And yes, we need to meet IRL!! :) Stat!


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