Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday!  At our house we are going to celebrate with a month of Dr. Seuss inspired kids projects!  I have several more projects planned out, each inspired by a different Dr. Seuss book.

There is TONS of Dr. Seuss information out there.  Looking for a do it all website?  Try www.seussville.com.  Trying to find projects?  Check out these blogs.

I have chosen One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as our first book.  My kids are pretty familiar with it because we have a bath book that they play with every night so I thought it would be a good intro book.  

We did two "projects" with this book since I had a friend and her kids coming over to participate.  They were both quick and preorganized because we all know the 3-4 year olds don't understand "getting ready"!
The first project was using Swedish Fish and colored gold fish and a printable fishbowl I made and you can access here.  The second project involved these fish I drew right below and I taped a eye on each fish with two fish per page and then traced them in Red and Blue.

Of course, we read the book together.  Let's just say I forgot how long Dr. Seuss books are! They almost didn't make it through the whole book but I think you can see by the look on my face that I tried to Silly it up to keep them interested! 

Since the kids were wanting a snack we did the Fishbowl project first.  I didn't realize that the goldfish don't have blue so we just put different amounts of fish in each bowl.  Working on counting we did! Then they had fun snacking on the fish as we moved on the the next project.

For the next project we used 1/2 inch cut pieces of tissue paper and the Red fish and Blue fish paper.

Just apply glue to each fish with a glue stick to save the mess and let the kids decorate their fish!

Of course we snacked on the goldfish and Swedish fish while we decorated!

I thought they turned out well, and the kiddos had a blast!

 Stay tuned for some more fun projects to celebrate Dr. Seuss this month!


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