Easter Mantel

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Easter is fast approaching so I figured I should go ahead and show you my Easter mantel.  I've gotten some tulips from the store to decorate a few of my countertops around my home but my mantel is pretty much my center point of my Easter decor.

I made these little faux potted hydrangeas a couple years ago and I love the fun, colorful, mini look!

 photo eastermantel2_zps7f1105eb.jpg

Guess what I finally got!  A topiary...from my neighbors garage sale!  So of course I'm going to cover it with Easter eggs.

 photo eastermantel3_zpse3bf8fdf.jpg

Remember my cheap Target finds?  Well the eggs are simply sweet in a mason jar and my little bird is standing watch!

 photo eastermantel4_zps9392fbc9.jpg

Of course, I have my Easter subway art out.  I got it from eighteen25 on Pinterest.

 photo eastermantel5_zpse315412d.jpg

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