Blogger Find: Well-Girl

Today has been a travel day for my family and myself.  We have made our way down to San Antonio from Fort Worth because my hubs had to make a business trip and is sweet enough to let me and the kiddos tag along.  One of my best friends lives here and I'm so excited about seeing her tomorrow.

On the way here, we stopped and played with my Mom aka Grandma Lynne at Zilker Park in Austin and had a picnic.  My monkey playing on the bars!

Sweet B getting sassy with Grandma Lynne!

We finally made it to San Antonio and the kiddos had fun playing on the beds before B broke down in hysterics because she was so ready to get in her pack n play.  Seriously B is the most "I will only sleep in my bed" baby ever!  Whether it's a  crib or pack n play, she just wants you to place her in it so she can be left alone!  I guess girls just need their beauty sleep!

Ever been to San Antonio?  What was your favorite thing to do?

Blogger Find: Well-Girl

I stumbled upon Angelica from Well-Girl from Pinterest.  I'm not sure if it was a workout or recipe, but I got on her blog and I felt we had a lot in common.  

Angelica blogs mostly about her meals and what she's eating.  I get so many great food combination ideas that I hadn't thought of from her posts!  Who knew you could make so many things from quinoa?  

Check out Well-Girl and see what she's cooking now!

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