Blogger Find: Pink Heels Pink Truck

Today I'm featuring a blogger that I feel like is my best friend.  I've never actually met her in real life and we've only exchanged a few emails with her but when I read her posts I relate to her so much and find myself always laughing.

Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck is seriously one of the most geniune, I'm-telling-you-like-it-is bloggers I've ever read!  I love it!  Sometimes when I read her posts I find myself thinking "I wish I could write that!".

I found Taylor from the Literary Link up that she cohosts on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  I love linking up with the Literary Link up and I hope you join in!

Check out Taylor and her fabulousness at Pink Heels Pink Truck.


  1. You seriously are awesome!! HUGE thank you for this blog love!!! Means so much to me! :) One of these days we will meet IRL! :) Especially considering we live one town apart. LOL (even though I'm only in my town on the weekends!)


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