Blogger Find: Lauren Conrad

Well, my hubs and I finally got around to watching last week's Glee Guilty Pleasures and it inspired me to bring you my blogger find this week.  Call me a dork but I love Glee AND Laguna Beach AND The Hills.  I don't know what it is about it...oh, yes I do.  I love the glamourous Cali lifestyle those kids live.  Well, not the Glee kids but the others.  I would seriously LOVE to go to the beach, every day!

So I am admitting to my guilty pleasure of watching Laguna Beach and The Hills when I was in college.  I loved Lauren Conrad, Brody was such a hottie, Heidi was an idiot, Spencer was ugly, and I wanted to be Kristen Cavalleri.

I have recently found out that Lauren Conrad has a blog thanks to Bloglovin!  They have all kinds of great fun stuff to read from fashion to party planning.  Some of the posts are actually from Lauren Conrad herself (wow, I sound like sure a dork!).  They even have a book club, yeah it looks like they are all Lauren Conrad books, which I have not read but, if that's your kind of fiction then it's right up your ally.

Check it out for some fun, guilty pleasure, light reading!  For all the Mama's out there it's like taking a break from kidville!


What are your guilty pleasures?

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