Zoo hunt

It's cold today in DFW but I told my son I would take him to the zoo so I'm trying to talk myself into it. I did make him a fun game for our zoo trip to share with ya'll!


I got all the clip art from google and just put in on one page so my son can mark off animals as he sees them!

#thth last week

Well we are going into the last week of February and it's the last week of #thth aka Too Hot To Handle and attacking those love handles.  Next week we have some fun stuff to kick off but lets end on a fun note.  Shelly at RunningPuhl has a cool little abs routine to get your tummy burning!  Check it out here!


  1. Cute. I love creating printables for my kids from google images!

  2. Cute idea!!! I am SOOOO sick of cold and ready to head south for Spring Break! Bring in warmth!!


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