Valentine's L-O-V-E mix

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  We aren't exactly the gifting kind of Valentine celebrators in our house.  But just because we don't do presents doesn't mean we don't share our love for each other.  I love to make my kids Valentines and decorate.  Of course I reassure my hubs every year about how much I love him and (more importantly) that it's ok for him not to get me anything because I'm not getting him anything.  We are the kind of couple that if we see something that the other will like we are going to get it and give it when it happens.

I know, lame.  But we just choose to celebrate it without the fancy dinners, expensive presents, and candy that we aren't going to eat.  This playlist is one I compiled from random love songs that I love.  Enjoy!

Last Day for the Scentsy Giveaway

Today is the last day to enter to win a Scentsy warmer and two scents.

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