#thth Week 2 workout

My abs have stayed sore all week from my 20 V-ups a day!  This week it's my week to put up a workout challenge.  Since we are focusing on our love handles this month (in more ways than one wink wink!) I'm passing on one of my favorite ab exercises.

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Russian Twists

I love that I'm not crunching and I'm working my whole core when I do these.  Have I mentioned that I hate crunches?!? You can vary the amount you lean making it more or less challenging.  Below is a few variations from easiest to hardest so you can choose what you can do for 30 seconds.  All you need is one hand weight to hold onto and you can do this anywhere.

 photo russiantwist_zps72b28a7a.png
Please ignore my ridiculous faces AND my remote in my hand.  I was using my camera remote to take these pictures of myself and the remote wasn't working very well!  So I ended up in each pose trying to look relaxed and not really being relaxed for like 1-2 minutes trying to get the camera to take one picture.

So above is the basic Russian twist version.  You can hold a weight(your choice of poundage) at your mid section and twist your hips leaning back as far as you can while twisting.  You are aiming to get the opposite elbow to the opposite knees.  For example above in the second photo, I'm getting my left elbow to my right knee. I usually set a time goal versus counting reps just because I prefer to.

This is the next step up modification.  All the same but with your feet up.  You can also add more weight.
 photo russianmod1_zpse1812db1.png

The third step up is pretty tough for me.  Legs are straight out and your body should be in a wide V as you twist.  You are balancing on your hiney, tough!

 photo russianmod2_zpseb51d134.png

Please leave a blog post comment or facebook or tweet me letting me know your goal for the week!

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