#thth February Challenge

With January over we still have some giveaways going on but let's move on to Flirty February.  I've teamed up with some other great bloggers to do a new challenge.  We are focusing on one body part this month and working on your pesky middle section.  Like I've sad before, my tummy is my least favorite body part.  Even before I had kids, I was never completely happy with it.

So for February, join in on tightening up your tummy with our #thth aka Too Hot To Handle Challenge.  Week 1 is a special "V-Up" challenge from Shelly at Running Pfuhl so check it out because I'm fixing to have to go do my first set of the challenge.  Hello Burning Abs! Woohoo!

Check out my cohostesses:

Shelly @ Running Pfuhl
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Sarah @ How My World Runs
How My World Runs on Facebook
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Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Today I'm off to the Rodeo with the hubs and my babies!  Fun farm animals!

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