Peter Pan + Menu Planning

We had a wonderful weekend at Casa Stone!  We had some old college roomie come in with their two precious boys and we just played and ate ALL weekend!

It's great when you have folks with similar health habits around because you tend to gravitate towards the same kind of food.  We had lots of cooking going on!  My hubs made his simply amazing Grilled Dove last night.  Seriously it's a delicacy in our home and any guest that he cooks his dove for should feel honored...that we shared our dove with them!  lol For real though, as picky of a meat eater as I am, I love this stuff!

For the kids we had tons of fresh fruits and Ashley and I got the two older boys to help us make baked oatmeal bites on Sunday.  The boys had so much fun smashing, mixing, and picking out ingredients that we were so proud of how much fun they had and how delicious our concoction turned out!  I will definitely be redoing this recipe and sharing with you soon.

We took our friends downtown for the Forest Park train and it sure was fun but it was COLD!  We were definitely not expecting the freezing wind and we had the boys bundled in our arms soon after this picture was taken!

Peter Pan

I'm sure most of you know that Disney's Peter Pan has "come out of the vault", yeah whatever that means.  But I bought the Diamond Edition last week at Target and I'm so glad that I did.  I've really been looking forward to watching my old Disney favs with my kiddos and this is the first old skool movie that my 3 year old actually sat down and watched the whole thing!

Sure he watches Cars and Cars 2, but as much as he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates I was hoping this pirate love with continue over to Peter Pan.  And I was right he loved it and I love that he loves it!

Menu Planning

I have some new recipes I'm trying this week so here's hoping they turn out.  

  • MONDAY:  Going to my trusting crockpot buddy for a new recipe of Beef Stroganoff
  • TUESDAY:  Feeling like a cheesy enchilada casserole
  • WEDNESDAY:  Once again pulling out the crockpot for a good ole Pork roast
  • THURSDAY:  Since I'll have sour cream and hot sauce, we are going to do some Tacos!
  • FRIDAY:  An old favorite is making a return,  grilled chicken sandwiches with avocados and swiss cheese with black bean and corn salsa

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