Our Family Valentine's

Since I've had kids I try to celebrate Valentine's by spread the love of our little family beyond just the 4 of us.  So I come up with an fun idea for my kids (right now it's just the 3 yr old) to make for the grandparents and Aunt's.

This year was a little less extravagant since I didn't feel like dragging out the paints and dealing with a baby and paint.  Lazy, whateve! 

Our cards were pretty simply but were made with love.

  • Hearts cut from scrapbook paper
  • Plain notecards/envelopes from Hobby Lobby
  • crayons
  • glue
  • large stamp pad

First, R drew on the notecards with the crayons.  He's not much of a colorer so this took alot of reminding him to color them on my part.  Then I got out these different shaped hearts from scrapbook paper and put some glue on the back and let R put the hearts on the notecards.  He wasn't too glad about getting glue on his hands but it was good practice for him.

While those were drying, I got out the envelopes and stamp pad.  I was originally thinking fingers and thumb prints but R had a different plan.  The whole hand dove into the stamp pad so I went with it and he decorated the envelopes.  I thought they turned out cute but I'll probably let him add more handprints next time!

He had fun with our little "project".  At his age, all our projects have to be pretty quick and simple because a 3 year old boy does NOT have a long attention span!

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