Menu Plan and Gardening

This weekend was crazy exhausting!  The hubs and I made our garden and I'm so excited about it but it WORE ME OUT!

My son had a blast playing the dirt and I can't say that I blame him, it was kind of awesome.

Menu for the week

  • MONDAY:  Our friends are coming over for dinner and we are doing it up Mexican style with good ole tacos!
  • TUESDAY:  Well, this tortellini soup from Little Fellows that I never got a chance to make last week...is going to be made
  • WEDNESDAY:  I have some spaghetti sauce I frozen from a couple weeks ago so we are bringing it out for 'sketti night
  • THURSDAY:  I'm trying something new that I think will be super yummy.  Crockpot bacon wrapped chicken, I found a recipe on Pinterest that I can't find now but the name gives you the jest of it!
I found this great meal plan link up and have linked this post.  Meal Plan Monday at the Organizing Junkie

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