Climbing Mountains

I'm going to admit it here.  I was disappointed that the hubs didn't get me flowers yesterday.  I know, I said that we don't get into the holiday really but he usually gets me some sort of bouquet of something.  Plus seeing all the sweet surprise flowers folks got at work on people's Facebook status' didn't really help.

Turn up the heat

Let's turn up the heat and switch to a new workout add on this week!  Sarah at How My World Runs has given us a run down on Mountain Climbers!  They are like burpees, you either love em or hate em! Depending on the day, of course.  

I'll be adding my 'climbers into my workouts all week!  I hope you will too.

Scentsy Winner

Congrats Angie Dickerson you won our Scentsy Giveaway!

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