Blogger Find: Run with Jess

This week's blogger find is once again a running inspired blog.  I love blogs that display an obvious passion through there words.  Jess from Run with Jess definitely does.  Even though I consider myself a seasoned runner, I find myself learning from her and get inspired to hit the pavement via her blog.

Homegirl even runs in the snow.  Like runs LONG DISTANCES(ok, when I say long distances I'm totally picturing the track coach from Grease in my head! hehe) in the snow.  Impressive!  I was doing good to get my sniffly butt out in the melting snow in Texas after it snowed on Christmas to run 3 miles much less 20!

She posts all her planned races and her past times.  I find that enduring.  I've been meaning to make a page of my PR's and planned runs and have yet to do it.

I hope you check her out and find her as inspirational as I do! www.runwithjess.com

As always, please leave me a comment telling me about must read blogs so I can go check them out!

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